the story...
a superhero trying to be the best he can be.
"Power sets"
* flight: victory can fly, and at great speed.

* strength: victory can lift over 100tons.

* healing: victory can heal any wound, even reattach severed limbs.

* danger sense: victory can sense danger within a thousand mile radius.

* near-invulnerability: victory is invulnerable against all forms of weaponry, from bullets to bombs. unless if it is tampered with high levels of magic and "super science".
* fire breath: victory can breathe fire. he can even control the intensity of the flames.

Cast members
* Tobias Black/black ghost: born in Cheongia, a former superhero who takes Victory under his wing.
* Selma Black: a teenage girl who's curious about the superhero business.
* Darkus: a demon who has the ability to absorb other beings abilites.

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